I hope you enjoy this fun website that I made just for you Carson

My Name is Kenneth Michael Winslow the Great. I am a freshman at NC State, but I guess you know that. I am studying Engineering with an Aerospace Intent. I chose that major because I like building things. I also like airplanes and spaceships.

I enjoy to listen to music. Country music is by far my favorite genere of music. The reason country music is my favorite is because the songs tell a story that you can relate to. Also who does not like fishing, and trucks. Which is what a lot of country music is about.

Favorite Website
  1. Put sauce on that Pizza dough
  2. Put cheese on
  3. check to see if there is another cheese, if yes then put more on because you did not put enough
  4. add veggies, and every American meat that you know of
Class Grade
PY 205 80
E 115 700
EC 201 90