Welcome to this slightly bland webpage that I, Kendyll Woodard, have to design for E115. We have not yet learned how to make it more asthetically pleasing. That is the next lesson.

My Major/Hopeful Grad Date

I am a first year engineering student at North Carolina University. At the moment I am an Environmental Engineer intended, and hope to graduate in the spring of 2020

Why I'm Doing What I'm Doing

I first chose the field of engineering because it combines my love of math and science with the practicality of well paying job prospects. I intend to complete my degree and work for a company or the government, basically telling people where they can and cannot develope based on envirnmental standards.
Class Course Title Semester
Calculus MA 141 Semester 1
Physics Py 205 Semester 2
Chemistry Che 101/102 Semester 2
Intro to Computing E115 Semester 1
First Year Engineering E101 Semester 1