Welcome to my About Me page!

Hello, my name is Katarina Hicks, but please call me Katie. I am a freshman at NC State University and I plan to major in International Studies along with either Computer Science or Environmental Engineering. I am having a difficult time deciding which engineering major I should choose; I enjoy coding but I'm also very passionate about the environment and want to help create solutions to protect it. Maybe there are jobs out there that can incorporate both? I am pursuing a double major in International Studies because I intend to work abroad and would like to be in a company and position that allows me to do so.

I have no job experience, having never worked in high school or college so far. My dream job in the future is to be an entrepreneur and to start my own company. I think that this can be done with a background in engineering, but I know that I will need to have studied business have and plenty of experience in the workforce before I can begin to approach the possibility of a startup. In the time before I can do this, I would like to be an engineer and work in a research position, possibly in a field relating to the environment or nanotechnology.

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My Most Interesting Classes at NC State So Far:

  1. STS302H
  2. USP Scholars Forum
  3. CH 102 Lab
  4. CH 101

Club/Organization Websites
Raleigh Civic Symphony RCS
Engineers Without Borders EWB