My name is Kara Spangler. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. Go Pack! I am studying Computer Science with a concentration in video game development. I chose this major because I have always loved video games and have recently fallen in love with programming. The two go perfectly together with Computer Science! So far computer science has been really enjoyable and I look forward to working more with programming!

My favorite hobby is of course video games. I love playing all kinds and especially love RPG's such as Skyrim and Assassin's Creed. I also have a huge love for Nintendo. I have been playing video games since I was very little with my brother and have slowly adapted from simple platformers to advanced RPGs and shooters. My favorite game series is probably Legend of Zelda. My other hobbies include spending time with my boyfriend, watching YouTube and yoga.

Youtube Got Google?
    How to Make a Grilled Cheese
  1. Get bread, your favorite cheeses (mine include goat cheese and cheddar), and butter. Also get a frying pan.
  2. Turn on the stove to about medium heat to heat up the pan.
  3. Place some butter in the pan to melt
  4. Put the cheese in between two pieces of bread and spread butter on the outside of the bread
  5. Put sandwich in the pan and cook the first side till golden brown
  6. Flip sandwich over and cook other side
  7. Eat and enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
E 115 S
E 101 A+
ENG 101 A
MA 141 A-
CH 101 B+
CH 102 A-
HESS 243 S
Video games