Welcome All

Hi my name is Keshav Patel and I am a freshmen at North Carolina State University. I am intending to major in Electrical Engineering. I want to major in Electrical Engineering because I always thought that messing with circuits and wires would be fun. I have no experience in the field, but my gut tells me this what I want to do. I going to trust my gut and enter this field. If I dont like this field then I will just change my major.

My favorite break is Summer break. I like Summer break because it is the longest break. Not to mention, this break is common so most of my friends will be off of school too. I will probably hang out with them, and hopefully have a job somewhere. That's the plan anyway.

Uberhumor Music

    How to Make Pizza

  1. Knead dough
  2. Put sauce on
  3. Put cheese and other wanted toppings on
  4. Then bake
Class Expected Grade
Physics 205 A
Cultural Anthropology A
English 101 A
Summer Break