My name is Kevin Owczarski, and I am a freshman here at NC State. My major is First Year Engineering at the moment but I have a Computer Science intent. I chose this major because I found that I was very interested in the behind the scenes of technology. I've played around with technology most of my life and also had a talent of very quickly learning how to use the different technology that came around. This is why I was interested and also why I got into video games. I was really interested in how people could make games from just code and this is what led me to Computer Science.

My favorite hobby is actually researching about different things. Specifically, I like to research computer parts and software and compare each. I like to make all my decisions this way and I seem to really enjoy wheighing the pros and cons of each. My hobby fits well with my major of choice becasue of my interest researching technology. It might seem like a boring hobby but I somehow find joy in it and usually I don't realize that I enjoy doing it untill after.

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  1. Drive to Dominos
  2. Walk in the door and step up to the counter
  3. Say, "I would like a cheese pizza with cinnamon sticks."
  4. Pay for your order
  5. Drive home and enjoy the best order from Dominos
Class Grade Expected
Econ A
Calc 2 B
Physics 205 B
E115 S
E101 A