Welcome to my Inspirational Page

My name is Keith R. Goepfert. I'm currently in exploratory studies. I would like to CODA into computer science next year. I enjoy working on/with computers so this major seemed to fit me well. Computer Science is the only field I can see my self doing long term at this time.

My number one interest at the current time is powerlifters. To the general population these guys appear as just "meat heads" moving around a lot of weight. In reality, for these guys to compete on the elite level, they follow an extremley specific program to optimize their training. Additionally the sport has a lot of carry over to dealing with problems in real life such as teaching perserverance and the importance of discipline.

My Favorite Paper!

Pizzarroni Intructions

  1. Create Pizzaroni
  2. Cook Pizzaroni
  3. Admire Pizzaroni
  4. Eat Pizzaroni
  5. Repeat step 4
Class Grade
E115 701/1000
MA141 91/100
CH101 85/100
Jonnie Candito World World Record Attempt