A little About Kyle Rivers

My name is Kyle Rivers and I am a transfer student. I started this year as a second semester sophmore in aerospace engineering. I have always been facinated with airplanes and enjoy learning everything I can about them. I am sure there will be some tough times ahead, but I look forward to learning all that NC State has to offer.

Before I started here at NC State I was in the military. I joined the US Army after high school and was stationed in Savannah, GA. My job in the army was a helicopter technician. I worked on the helicopters and made sure they were in great working condition. There were a lot of long days and nights but it was an interesting job and it helped me become the person I am today.

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My Favorite Classes

  1. Aerospace Vehicle Preformance
  2. Aerodynamics 1
  3. Propulsion
  4. World History
Club Name Website
Aerial Robotics Club Aerial Robotics Club
American Helicopter Society American Helicopter Society