Here you will learn how to drop a fire mixtape!

What it doo? This is Kevin Larson, the master finna. I bee a freshman. At this finna institution I'm finna study the most finna of all majors, electrical engineering. I chose this major because it is in high demand in the Air Force. I'm finna be in Air Force ROTC this fall.

My favorite hobby is weightlifting. I love it because I get huge and can crush annifs with ease. Weightlifting also goes great with Chipotle, since the latter contains girthy amounts of protein and complex carbohydrates to build muscle. I also like weightlifting because it clears my mind and helps me think of bars to include in my mixtape, which is fire by the way. You should definitely listen to it so you won't be an annif.

I love cats and dogs because they can be trained to hunt annifs by day or by night. You can also feed them honey buns and they will have limitless energy since dEnergy/dHoneyBun equals infinity. Cats and dogs understand calculus so that is another way they are superior to annifs. The only things I love more than cats and dogs are my fellow finnas and Chipotle. Speaking of Chipotle, I always get the Chicken Honey Bun with brown rice, black beans, mild salsa, lettuce, cheese, and guacamole. What do you like to get at Chipotle?

    How to Make Pizza Like a Finna
  1. Order a burrito at Moe's
  2. Once you have your burrito, place directly in toilet
  3. Flush
  4. Dab
  5. Go to Chipotle
  6. Order a REEL burrito
  7. Once you have your burrito, put it on top of a pizza crust
  8. You now have a pizza

Name Major
Adam Schmidt Electrical Engineering
Jordan Greenert Civil Engineering