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Hello! My name is Kavit Patel. I am a senior Science Tech major at NC State University. I chose to become a Science Tech major because of my interest for coding, technology, and software programming or development. I very much enjoy reading about new technological developments, as well as reading up and learning about the newest programming tools and techniques.

My dream job is to be a business technology consultant. I enjoy being presented with a problem and everyone relying on my expertise to create a viable solution. I could build new software programs or recommend how to implement different softwares depending on the situation of the problem. I like solving problems and facing challenges regularly. I still have a long way to go before I become a consultant, but I can start just about anywhere within the technology world. I would really like to start off as a software developer, because I think it would give me just the right kind of experience I need to one day become a consultant.

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List of Cool Classes at NCSU

  1. Rise of Modern Science
  2. Metaphysics
  3. US Environmental Law and Policy
  4. Cultural Anthropology

Interesting clubs at NCSU

Club Name Web Link
4 the World - NC State Chapter 4 the World Website
Data Analytics Club at NCSU Data Analytics Club Website