My name is Kyle. This is my first year at NC State and my third year of college. My intended major is Materials Science & Engineering. It was
hard to choose a major amongst all of the possibilities. I knew that I wanted to have a major that employed a great deal of chemistry and for
a while I was split between a few majors. I finally settled on Materials Science & Engineering when I did more research about the major after
talking to a MSE graduate student who was very passionate about his studies.

My favorite hobby is listening to, collecting, and playing music. My favorite artists are The Allman Brothers Band, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and
Black Sabbath. Of those bands, the Allman Brothers Band is the only one I've seen live mostly because they're the only ones still touring at
the time. When I was 16 I started collecting records and since then, this hobby has taken up a lot of my money. I don't currently play music
with a band or anything but I play the guitar for fun.

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  1. Go to Chic-fil-a
  2. Wait in line
  3. Get a sandwich
  4. Buy the sandwich
Class Expected Grade
PY 205 B
MSE 201 B
PHI 340 A