Welcome to Homework 6!

I am Kim Pollard. I am attending NC State this year as a freshman. I intend to do a dual major in chemical engineering and textile engineering. I think that I want to do that because I could work for companies that I like, such as Under Armour and Nike. I also really enjoy chemistry.

My favorite hoby is rowing. In high school I was a member of the varsity boat all three years of my rowing career. Rowing helped me branch out and meet new people from schools all around High Point. I like rowing because it is so team centered. I feel like rowing changed me a lot as a person.

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    How to make cheese pizza
  1. Combine flour, oil and water.
  2. Mix until dough is formed
  3. Flatten dough on a pan
  4. Add sauce
  5. Add Cheese
  6. Bake until it is cooked
  7. Let cool and ENJOY!

Class Expepected Grade
MA 141 A-
E101 A+
CH 101 A

single scull