Welcome to NCSU

My name is Kaitlyn Purves. I am currently enrolled in the class of 2019 of the college of engineering. I plan to dual major in electrical and computer engineering. I am not entirely sure as to why I chose this, it seemed to be pretty interesting. I think one of the reasons is because I was very involved with the tech for the plays at my high school and I thought I might be able to work on some things like that; but I am not sure. It just seems really cool and there are a lot of different options that I can do if I get accepted into the department.

My favorite hobby isn't exacly a hobby, it's a sport. This sport happens to be lacrosse. I played the position of attack, which is offensive. I played on my high school varsity team. I plan on playing on the club team this spring if I can get information about it. Lacrosse is a really fun sport.

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Class Expected Grade
MA241 B+
EC205 A-
CH101 B-
E115 S
PSY200 A-
CH102 A+
E101 A

Lax is Life