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My name is Kyle Brown. My intended major is aerospace engineering. I always knew that engineering was a good option for me just because of the simple fact of how much I like science, math, and creating things. I chose the subcategory of aerospace because that is my passion and what interests me. My expected graduation year is 2019.

One hobby I really enjoy fishing. My house is right by a lake so I have plenty of experience. My favorite fish to go for is bass. When I can I like to take my kayak out so I can visit all my favorite spots around the lake. When I’m on the pier I like to set up catfish pole and cast it out as far as I can and leave it there for a while. Catfish are boring to fish for but when you hook one I think they put up a better fight than a bass.

  1. Get ingredients
  2. Put ingredients together
  3. put in oven
  4. eat
Class Grade
E101 A
PY 206 A
ES100 A