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My Major

My major is currently engineering with an intent to go into mechanical engineering. I am currently attending North Carolina State University. I expect to graduate May of 2020


I chose to major in mechanical engineering because I easily understand science and math concepts and tend to think analytically. Also, my dad is a mechanical engineer, so that was a factor. Engineering also allows you to be able to do many things and has great job opportunities. With a degree in mechanical engineering, i intend to find work that is pleasing to me as well as beneficial to society. I plan to find a career to base my life upon.

Skills and Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
MA 242 Calculus III Fall 2016
E115 Intro to Computing Fall 2016
E101 Introduction to Engineering Fall 2016
PY 205 Physics for Engineers Fall 2016
PY 206 Physics Lab Fall 2016