Hello, It's Me!

My name is Kierra Simmons. I am a freshman in industrial engineering. I originally chose electrial but soon realized that it was not for me. I am moving to industrial mainly because after previewing the curriculum, my interests were sparked. I hope to minor in buisness to add to my industrial degree. I am not yet sure what I will concentrate in.

My favorite hobby is watching Netflix. I believe that Netflix is my best stress reliever. I love to binge watch multiple shows. My favorite shows to watch are Arrow and Flash. I also enjoy watching movies about crazy people.

Netflix is my life

Got a Job? Check out my resume. link .

How to Order Pizza

  1. Search "Pizza Coupons" on Google
  2. Choose resturant with the best deals
  3. Visit resturant's website
  4. Order pizza with coupon code
  5. Enjoy Pizza and saved money
Class Expected Grade Calc 3 A+ Physics F+ ECD 220 A+ EC 201 A- E115 P ECE 109 W Netflix is my life