Hello! I am Keerthram Sureshkumar and welcome to my webpage.

About my intended major, university and anticipated graduation date:

My intended major is Mechanical Engineering, and I'm currently a freshman at the North Carolina State University. My anticipated graduation date is May 2020.

Reasons for choosing Mechanical Engineering and my plans with the degree:

I chose Mechanical Engineering because I was always interested in the field of engineering as my father was also an engineer. Another reason was that I wanted to learn more about the working and mechanisms of various things around us, and thus a degree in Mechanical Engineering seemed the right way to go. My future plans with this degree is to move into the manufacturing industry of my interest.

Special skills and qualities of mine that are pertinent to the field of Mechanical Engineering

Relevant coursework for Mechanical Engineering:

Class Course Title Semester
Mathematics Calculus 2 Spring 2017
Physics Physics 1 (PY 205) Spring 2017
Chemistry Molecular Chemistry Fall 2016