About Me

    My name is Kevin Bean and I am a Sophomore majoring in Agriculture and Environmental Technologies concentrating in Agriculture Systems Management.  Being from the coast I have the opportunity to fish commercially with a friend of mine who is a Captain, it is always a good time and I make a little extra money.  I work at a Dry Storage Marina called the Boathouse which allows me to drive many different types and sizes of boats.  When I am not working I tend to play my Xbox.  Other than working in the summer and going to school the rest of the year I really don't do much else.

    What I am enjoying most about CSC 200 is the real world videos in lecture.  They provide context for what we talked about and show that computers are everywhere.  I would like to learn more about how computers connect to the internet.  I say that because my friends come to me for router problems and I just wing my way through fixing it.  What I don't like about this class is SNAP.  I don't like it for the reason that there is no indication that it isn't running properly in your browser until you close and open it back up, meaning that the code could be right but not working because SNAP has decided it doesn't want to run


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Food Group
Store bought Seafood
Green Beans
Brussel Sprouts
I like all grains
Ice Cream
milk (I know its odd)