Welcome to my webpage. Here is a little information about me:

My name is Keir Jenkins, and I am a freshman at NCSU. I want to go in to biomedial engineering here at State. Biomedical engineering has been my passion since the seventh grade when I watched a video of a heart being 3D printed. I told myself then that I wanted to do that type of work.
I have worked at two jobs. I am an instructor at Cape Fear Martial Arts Center when I am not in school in Raleigh. I also have worked at a child care center. I love both jobs because I love working with kids, and I love the high energy atmospheres.

Photo of me

My most interesing classes:

  1. ES 100
  2. ENG 101
  3. E 115
  4. CH 101

Clubs I want to join:

Club: Website:
Aikido Club Aikido club
BJJ Club BJJ Club