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My name is Keaton Long. I am a sophomore. My major is political science with a minor in computer science. I chose political science because i want become an inteligence officer and political science will help me achieve that.

My favorite hobby is playing video games. I play video games such as runescape, league of legends, and Dayz. I enjoy video games because they are relaxing yet competitive. However, the most important part about video games to me is online gaming and the community surrounding it. I love meeting new people with my interests and observing the content they create on platorms like twitch, youtube, and reddit.

Reddit Pic My favorite Paper
  1. Go to Papa Johns
  2. Order a custom large pizza
  3. Choose banana peppers, bacon, pepperoni,onion
  4. Enjoy
E115 Politcal Science Statisitics Spanish
s A B B