Welcome to Kevin's page for E115

My name is Kevin Massey, and I'm a Freshman at NC State University at Raleigh. My intended majors are Chemical Engineering and Paper Science and Engineering. I chose this major because I find chemistry to be interesting and easy. On top of that I think that paper is a good choice for getting a high-paying job when I get out of school.

An interesting job I had in the past was at a kid's party place called BounceU. At this job I got to host kid's birthday parties, and it was a super fun and rewarding job. I really enjoyed this job because working with kids is super rewarding, and my coworkers were really great people. I'm really thankful for having that experience because it really helped me understand kids a lot better.

Some Classes I'm taking now

  1. Chem 101
  2. E101
  3. EC 205
  4. MA 242
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