Here we go.

My name is Katie Ryan. I am on track to major in Biomedical Engineering, although I am also considering majoring in Chemical Engineering. I chose engineering because I've always exceled at science and math courses, I find it to be an interesting field, and I like that it is research oriented. Also I would like a job when I graduate that isn't teaching. I like life sciences, so that's why I didn't choose the other areas of engineering at least initially. This makes five sentences.

My favorite hobby outside school is anything involving music . I enjoy singing in various ensembles and playing piano. It is a great way to relieve stress, meet new friends, and in general appreciate a great art. I'm not necessarily very good at either of these things, but they make me happy, so that's what counts. Perhaps one day I will learn to play some other instruments.

I love both cats and dogs. I have had several cats over the years including the first one I ever picked out, Butterschoth (yes his name is butterscotch not buttercup). Currently my family has a very fat cat named Molly. Our current dog is named Louie. He is quite literally my best friend. I hope to have cats and dogs when I'm on my own as well.


don't have time to make a resume so here's my most recent paper

I don't eat cheese or meat, but I have made myself a pizza before:

  1. Make dough and squish it.
  2. Spread tomato sauce on dough.
  3. Top with zucchini, sun dried tomatos, and pinapple.
  4. Bake for however long these things bake.
  5. Consume.

Name Major
Girl down the hall The art of being rude
Dude down the hall Creatively abandoning socks