My name is Kyle Townsend. I am a sophomore. As of now I am in First Year College that has been renamed to Exploratory Studies. I am in First Year College because I am undecided on my major. I have thought about majoring in biological and agricultural engineering or genetics as I am interested in how cancer works.

I can't think of one specific hobby to be my favorite, but my two highest would be listening to music and playing computer games. My favorite games include League of Legends and ARK: Survival Evolved. My favorite music is country music, prefferably older than newer.

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  1. Go to DP Dough's website
  2. Click on the menu tab
  3. Find the most appealing Calzone, Personally I recommend the Barbaque Chicken Calzone.
  4. Call or go to DP Dough, and place your order
Class COM 110 HESS 241 ARE 201
Grade A-B S A-B