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Keiko Ueda
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
North Carolina State University
Campus Box 8106 * Raleigh, NC 27695-8106
Office: 1911 Building, #134
Phone: 919-515-9298 * Fax: 919-515-6981

Courses - Fall 2001 Office Hours - Spring 2001      1:30~2:30pm   Monday & Wednesday
subject homework quiz/test
April 2 (Monday) L13 conversation #3  prepare for kanji quiz on L13 recitation on L13 conversation #3 
L13 kanji quiz
April 3 (Tuesday) L13 review. plain form prepare for test on L 13 conversation #2 and plain form
April 4 (Wednesday) L13 test #2 
L14 converstaion #1

Since receiving my master's degree in ESL and Multicultural Education at the University of Massachusetts,

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