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My name is Kennysha Woods. I am a freshmen in college, and my intended major is computer engineering. I'm interested in this major because of how much time I've spent around computers. My stepdad was a DJ, so during my childhood I often watched and helped him make beats between a soundboard and his computer. Then at age eleven, I got my first laptop. It was pretty cheap so there was always something wrong with it, and due to lack of resources, I often had to fix the laptop myself. Because of all the time I spent interacting with techonology - specifically computers - I harbored an interest in leanring how to develop and fix products relating to computers.

My favorite hobby is creative writing. Writing stories allows me to express myself thorugh plot, characters and setting. Before starting university, I wrote all the time and usually by hand and in cute notebooks I found around TJ Maxx stores. Nowadays, I barely have time to even think of what I want to write . Also, I don't consider myself to be a good writer, but I do dream of publishing a novel or collection of short stories one day.
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How to order Pepperoni Pizza

  1. Get a phone.
  2. Google a nearby pizza place.
  3. Dial its number.
  4. Wait for someone to answer.
  5. State your name and that you want delivery.
  6. Give your address.
  7. Order pepperoni pizza.
  8. Give method of payment if it's by card.
  9. Wait by door for pizza to arrive.
  10. When pizza person is there, open door, give cash payment and tip, and take pizza inside for ingestion.
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E115 S
SOC202 A
MA111 B
ENG101 A
E101 A
CH101 B
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