a • rise is an iPad application designed to help people make their mornings go by smoothly. The way your day starts off is often a good predictor for how the rest of your day will pan out. Mornings can often be hectic and overwhelming; a • rise organizes all of the information you might need on hand in the morning. The app allows you to customize your home screen to include as many or as few gadgets as you want. You can set and customize all of your alarms in advance for every day of the week and not have to worry about them again. You can also enter in daily reminders and import calendars to make sure you’re not forgetting anything when you leave for the day. a • rise also gives you the opportunity to preselect breakfast and lunch options based on personal preferences and restrictions. Its clean interface also allows you to change color themes and turn on daily facts. a • rise develops a personal connection with its users after extended use.