My name is Kable Young. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am currently intending to double major in Chemical Engineering and Paper Science and Engineering. When I applied to State, I was planning on majoring in Chemical Engineering. My love of chemistry and math affirmed this decision. However, I received a recruitment letter and a scholarship to join the double major program with Paper Science and Engineering. This is how I became an intended double major in Chemical and Paper Science Engineering.

Before I came to college, my favorite hobby was mountain biking. However, it is much harder to do this in an urban setting. Recently, I have taken up racquetball and have found that I love the sport. It gives me a great outlet from all the stresses from school and allows me to do something different with my friends. It also serves as a great workout. I am definitely content with my choice to take up racquetball at college and I encourage others to follow in my footsteps.

Espn.com is Awesome

Spend some time jamming out to music.

Making My Sandwich

  1. Take two slices of bread
  2. Place pork, brie cheese, spinach and apple butter on the sandwich
  3. Close the sandwich
  4. Put the sandwich in the Panini press
  5. Take the sandwich from the Panini press, cut in half, and enjoy

Class Expected Grade
Chemistry 101 A+
Calculus 1 A
Economics 205 A

Racquetball is so much fun.