Welcome to Kevin's Webpage

My name is Kevin Church, and I am a freshman. I am planning on studying industrial engineering, and was interested in it by me realizing how I go through my daily life. I am always thinking about the most efficient ways to do a task, or ways to be cost effective. So once I realized this,I figured I could use that interest in the industrial engineering field. I am unsure of where I want to work or any specific area that I want to be in once I graduate, but I feel as if I still have time.

My favorite hobby has to be playing basketball. I have been playing since I was five years old, and I immediately fell in love with the game. Up until college, I was playing on some sort of basketball team 8 months out of the year, and never got tired of it. I definitely miss high school ball the most though. I still love to play in Carmichael though, and am currently apart of a intramural team that is destined to win the championship.

Youtube This is a link to my résumé

Ways to order pizza

  1. Look up Gumby's pizza
  2. Find the deal to pokey sticks and a medium pepperoni pizza
  3. Place the order online
  4. Wait for them to call you and say they are there
Classes Expected Grade
MA242 A-
Py205 B
Ec205 A