Kevin's Website

Welcome to my website.

Hello, I'm Kevin Hildner. I am a Freshman in the First Year Engineering College and I am planning on going into electrical engineering next year. I am not actually one hundred percent decided on a major yet, but I am trying to get that figured out in the next two or three days so I can register for classes on time. I have been bouncing back and forth between electrical, mechanical, environmental, and computer science.

My favorite hobby is running. I don't do it as much as I would like to anymore, mostly because of how busy I am, but in high school I used to run twice a day. I did track and cross country for my junior and senior years and it was a ton of fun. I tore my left lateral meniscus my junior year so I am trying to preserve what little bit of knee I have left by doing lower impact cross training. That is why I joined the triathlon club here at state.

I've done a lot of interesting things in my life. If you're interested in giving me a job, internship, scholarship, or any other form of income, check out my resume

If it's 3am, you're working on calculus and it's just not working, you can find all the answers in this picture

How to Order Kevin's Favorite Pizza

  1. Call Papa Johns
  2. Say "Hello, I'd like to order a pizza"
  3. When they say go ahead, say "I'd like a large sausage pizza with stuffed crust"
  4. Give them your address
  5. Say goodbye and hang up the phone
  6. Wait patiently
  7. Open the door and pay for your pizza
Calculus II B
Physics For Engineers and Scientists I B+
Chemistry 101 B+