Welcome to my Background info Webpage:

A photo of Kody

Hello, my name is Kody Jefferson, a member of the Class of 2021 here at NC State. I am choosing to major in Mechanical Engineering because it has long been a dream of mine to do so. I chose M.E. because I love to tinker with things and figure out how they work. I also like to design innovative solutions to difficult problems.

My dream job is to work with robotics. I would like to design, program, and construct these robots as a solution to the problems people are facing. Eventually I would like to own my own robotics company that can solve many of the scientific problems the world is facing today.

Most interesting classes I am currently enrolled in:

  1. Intro to Engineering
  2. Physics
  3. Calculus III
  4. Goodnight Scholars Seminar

Organization Involvment

Organization Website
Goodnight Scholars Program GSP Home
Underwater Robotics Team URC Home