Living the life at NCSU

My name is Kris and my major is Computer Science. I have enough credit hours to be considered a junior, however I am still taking freshman classes. I graduated high school in 2000 so I had to start at a community college. I also transfered to a different university before transferring to NCSU and there are required freshman courses that I didn't get to take at the other schools. I should be on track as a junior after this semester.

It is hard to say what my favorite hobby because I enjoy many things. Many of my hobbies consist of being outside, such as hiking, taking my pup to play ball, running, and biking. However, because most of my daytime is taken up with school work I don't get to do many of these on a regular basis. The hobby that I usually do the most, because I can do it inside, is gaming, or watching gaming videos on YouTube. YouTube also happens to be my favorite website. I go there to watch videos ranging from gaming to science to mathmatics. Youtube is not just a place for goofy or funny videos. People also have profiles dedicated to teaching or informing people about school subjects and real world applications of them. If you would like to check it out you can click on the play button below.
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How to order the best pizza.
  1. Look up the number for Ruckus Pizza and Bar.
  2. Call and order a medium pizza with just pepperoni.
  3. Drive to pick it up.
  4. Leave a good tip.
  5. Bring home and enjoy.

Class Name Expected grade
E115 S
FLS101 B
ECE109 A
CSC230 B+
CSC226 A+

Gaming is not a crime!