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Welcome to the page About Me, Katie Younce, and my experiences at NCSU and about the future!

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My name is Katie Younce and I am a freshman in Chemical Engineering at NC State University. I chose chemical engineering because of the wide variety of opportunities having this degree would provide to me, including giving me the opportunity to apply for medical school. I enjoyed chemistry in highschool, so this major seemed like a nice fit. However, I am considering transferring into Biochemistry as there is more of a focus on natural sciences.

My dream job would be to work as the head orthopedist for an NFL team. I have always loved football, and being able to work with players on a regular basis would be an incredible opportunity. Being able to travel with the team and help make the players healthy again is what draws me to the job.

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  1. Calculus 2
  2. Intro to Chemical Process Principles
  3. Intro to Biology
  4. Organic Chemistry 1
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Club Involvement at NCSU

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Eventing at NCState Website
Cru Website
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