Welcome to the Rick and Morty Fan Page

My name is Laura Abelquist. I am a fourth year college student, but I graduate Spring 2018 so I am a sophomore in that respect. My major is chemical engineering. I chose ChemE because it is broad and can be applied to many areas of engineering and physics and chemistry.

My favorite hobby is watching the animated TV show "Rick and Morty." The title characters are the alcoholic genius Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith. The show features wild storylines zany space adventures - often multiple within one episode - and dark humor thanks to the hyper realistic characters. Rick, the protagonist, often behaves inexplicably, but usually within the dynamic of a functional alcoholic and always using Morty as a sort of codependent enabler. I love this show.

Rick and Morty


  1. Acquire portal gun
  2. Use portal gun to travel to an alternate universe where all pizzas are possible and exist
  3. Wander through this universe until you find the perfect pizza
  4. Use portal gun to bring the perfect pizza back to the universe where I am
Course Expected Grade
CHE 205 B-
HESF 101 S
MSE 201 A-

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