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Leslie Dare, Ed.D.

Student Affairs Technology Services
Division of Student Affairs
NC State University

Campus Box 7301
101 Watauga Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695-7301

919.515.1329 voice
919.515.8423 fax

ladare at

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Yahoo IM - ladareNCSU

Twitter - lesliedareNCSU

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Leslie Dare

Activities & Projects

A Few Thoughts About Technology in Student Affairs

  1. How we use technology should be deliberate and thoughtful.
  2. Technology is a standard resource, and should be administered as part of our infrastructure (personnel, budget, facilities, etc.).
  3. Senior student affairs administrators should ensure that Student Affairs is included in campus technology decision making by appointing someone to be responsible for technology leadership.
  4. Both professional and support staff in Student Affairs should evaluate their “Tech IQ” and take steps to continually improve their technology skills and comfort level.
  5. We can’t truly serve today’s students unless we understand the technologies they use every day, both inside and outside the classroom.