Enter and enjoy...or don't enjoy, which ever works for you.

Hellooo!! I'm Logan Freebourn, and I'm a freshman at North Carolina State. I'm going for my mechanical engineering degree with a possible minor in economics. I need a mechanical engineering degree because I want to get into a Mechatronics graduate school. I love building and designing different products, which is why mechatronnics is perfect for me since it combines the three things I like learning: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and product design.

My favorite vacation is actually a tradition in my family. When we turn 10 our grandpa takes us to New York City over Thanksgiving. I had an absolute blast throughout the entire trip. We climbed over the rocks in Central Park, walked through Times Square, ate m&m's at the M&M store, visited the Statue of Liberty, shopped at the American Girl Store, watched the Macy's Days Parade while eating pizza. But the best part of the trip was watching the musicals on Broadway. My family has season tickets for the local musicals back home, so getting to watch an actually Broadway musical astounded me. I got to see The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Sherk the Musical, and my all time favorite...Wicked!


The classic argument: Cats vs. Dogs. I belong to a set side of this argument. I absolutely adore cats, and I have never met a cat that didn't like me once I met it. (This has amazed my friends) When I get my own apartment I will probably buy a cat, so you would think that would put me firmly on the cat side. Yeah...no. My family owns three dogs and I love them all. But my favorite is Maggie aka: Poopie. I wouldn't give up my little black Yorkie/Chihuahua mix for anything. She cuddles with me and cheers me up and I love her more than anything. Leaving her back at home is terrible and I'm counting down the days in which I get to cuddle with her in bed again. So I say it all depends on how cute the dog/cat is and how attached I am to them.

My favorite sandwich:
  1. Cut a loaf of Italian bread open
  2. Put ham, salami, pepperoni, and provolone cheese one bread
  3. Toast in toaster oven (if available, if not its okay cold)
  4. Spread mayo on sandwich (a healthy amount)
  5. Fold sandwich together
  6. Take massive chomp out of it
  7. Enjoy!!

Summer Classes
Class Possible Grade
Calculus C/B
Economics B
E115 S