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My name is Luke Hader and I'm a freshman at NC State. I am studying mechanical engineering. I like engineering because it's a field that is very hands on. My love for LEGO's and tearing apart electronics lead me into engineering. My love for cars lead me into mechanical engineering.

My favorite hobby is playing tennis. I've been playing tennis for about seven years. I played tennis in school in middle school and all but one year in high school (due to an injured wrist). My serve is the best part of my game as I often win points off of it. I used Roger Federer's serve as a model for mine.

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How to make a sandwich
  1. Obtain two slices of bread, meat, vegetables, and condiments.
  2. Place bread on plate.
  3. Apply meat, vegetables, and condiments.
  4. Consume sandwich.
Class Grade
E115 P
CSC112 A
PY206 A+
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