Welcome to my site!

Hello! My name is Lee Haskins, and I am a first year engineering student. I am currently working towards a change of degree application to study aerospace engineering. I chose that major, mostly because I am facinated with the thought of flight, space travel, and the aircraft required to do those things. In addition to aerospace engineering, I would love to be able to become a pilot and fly something that I have helped engineer.

Being a pilot would definitely be what I consider a dream job. I imagine flying a mechanical work of art to be very exhilirating and fulfilling. Let alone being able to fly, its also exciting to imagine the places a job like that may take you. Pilots in the navy and airforce must always be busy with flight and travel. Tiresome, it may be at times, but always fun!

A picture of me posing in my community college graduation gown before coming to NC State.

Four Classes at NC State that I am Most Interested in.

  1. Matlab(CSC 113)
  2. Aerodynamics (MAE 252) - I haven't taken this yet.
  3. Calculus III (MA 242)
  4. Aerospace Flight/Space Elective - I haven't taken this yet.

Organizations I'd Like to Join on Campus

Name of Organization Link to their Site
Adventure Club Adventure Club's Contact Site
CSLEPS (Center for Student Leadership, Ethics and Public Service) CSLEPS Organization Site