Welcome HTMLaurel's World!

My name is Laurel Hedgecock. I am first year here therefore I am a freshman. I am planning on doing Bioprocessing Engineering which I just recently decided because not only do I love biology I love engineering. I love creating things and specifically I hope to create pharmaceutical research or go into medical school. Both of which I would love doing and bioprocessing engineering is a good major to let me do that.

My favorite hobby would be long boarding. I appreciate the feeling of being free while riding around on it and having wind under my arms. It tends to relieve my stress so I think its a healthy way to get rid of stress. It also helps me explore because I can go different places without as much effort as walking takes. Even though I crash sometimes but it is worth the ride.

Crazy Cat
  1. In order to make my favorite pizza you must pick a thick deep dish crust, this is vital.
  2. Next you must decide to get extremely light tomato sauce.
  3. Then you must make sure they put A LOT of cheese on the pizza.
  4. Finally make sure they put banana peppers and spinach on it.

Class Expected Grade
CH 201 A
ECON 205 A+
ENG 101 A