Welcome to my info page!

Hello, my name is Lailah Ligons. I attend STEM Early College High School (class of 2018), but I started taking classes at NC state in 2016, making me year 2020! I am considered undecided, but I have interest in both biomedical engineering and archaeology. I like biomedical engineering because I think virtual reality and reverse engineering the brain is so cool. I like archaeology because I love to learn about past civilizations.

Currently, I work at Bryson's Playroom. This is a drop in childcare service. My job is fun and I love playing with children! Even when they cry. it's adorable! I do not want to do this for the rest of my life though. My dream job is travelling the world, visiting different archaeological sites and studying them.

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  1. Elementary Spanish 101
  2. Cultural Anthropology
  3. Calculus I
  4. Calculus II

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