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Lucian Lucia

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Department of Forest Biomaterials (Wood & Paper Science) (Office: 3108 Biltmore Hall, Robertson Wing), Campus Box 8005; Department of Chemistry (Office: 714A Dabney Hall), Campus Box 8204

Lucian A. Lucia obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Florida (Gainesville, FL) in physical organic chemistry under Professor Kirk S. Schanze for a fundamental interrogation of simulating the electron/energy transfer pathways in photosynthesis.

He spent approximately two years studying photoreactive polymers, photoinduced gelation phenomena, novel supramolecular behavior in microheterogeneous systems (vesicles, monolayers) as a postdoctoral fellow at the NSF Center for Photoinduced Charge Transfer at the University of Rochester (Rochester, NY) under Professor David G. Whitten. The Center funded an extended teaching & research appointment for Dr. Lucia at Tokyo Metropolitan University near Tokyo, Japan, from where he accepted an Assistant Professorship of Chemistry from the Institute of Paper Science and Technology at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta, Georgia.

He later accepted a full-time graduate faculty appointment at North Carolina State University where he maintains status as a faculty in Fiber & Polymer Science and Environmental Sciences.  He also holds appointments in the Departments of Wood & Paper Science (Forest Biomaterials) and Chemistry.

If you have an interest in a position, collaboration, research stay, or wish to pay a visit to his Lab, please contact him at:

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