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Hello everybody, my name is Luis Alberto Moros Cubells, and I am international student. I am, i think, a junior. I just transferred from Florida. I am currently studying computer engineering, and maybe i will be doing a dual major with electrical engineering. I wanted to study computer engineering because my goal is to get into robotics later on my life. Also, I have done some programming before and I love it!!.

I do not have a job right now, and i haven't had one since i moved from my home country. So, i decided to talk a bit of what i want to do with my career. I seek to get a scholarship in Germany, so I am able to get a job there. I would love to work with a space program or a robotic company. And, if it is both, it would make me even happier.

profesional pic of me
  1. Number Theory
  2. Discrete Math
  3. Mechatronics
  4. Renewable Electric Energy System
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