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Hi! I am Lagni Pancholi. I am a current freshmen in Biomedical Engineering here at NC State. I chose BME because it is a perfect blend of all my interests and hobbies: math, science, art, etc. BME provides many challenges and the technology and devices developed improve over time thanks to improvement of technology overall. BME is a gateway to a variety of careers. It can get you into medical school, you could work at a company such as Cook Medical, or you could go into research and development. That is why I want to be a Biomedical Engineer.

I do not have a job currently, but I recently gave an interview for the Natural Resources Library as a student assistant there. My previous job was at a trampoline park and party place called JumpStreet. At JumpStreet I worked as a bouncer and a cashier. As a bouncer I enforced rules on the trampolines and other attractions. I also refereed trampoline dodgeball.

A Picture of Lagni

4 of the Most Interesting Classes Taken:

  1. Multimedia Webpage Design (High School)
  2. Computer Art and Animation (High School)
  3. Engineering 101 (NC State)
  4. Modern American History (NC State)

NC State Clubs I am in:

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BMES Club Link
Cosplay Club Link