Smart Chairs


About SmartChairs

SmartChairs is a company which started in 2017 that aims to better the lives and health of people across the country. Many people have back problems or just get sore after sitting in a chair to long. This is when we decided to make SmartChairs. We put our patented sensors in the back of recliners and office chairs which tells the back of the chair, filled with air cushion surrounded by regular cushions, how to adjust to optimally fit your back contours.

Our Mission

At SmartChairs we set out to give the best experience to our customer. We want our customer to be able to tell the difference between our chairs with our technology and competitors. Eventually we want all chairs to incorporate our smart technology. This way we will know the every time someone purchases a chair with our technology it will improve the quality of that persons life. If that is helping them with chronic back problems or letting someone sit in a chair longer.

Comfort you can feel