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This past summer was a lot of fun. I worked hard and I played hard for the most part. My two favorite things about this summer were going to the beach with my girlfriend, Lindsay, and her family and going to the mountains with my buddies Luke and Zach. The beach was pretty fun. Lindsay, Lindsay's uncle and I went surf fishing a few times. We didn't catch much but it was fun. My adventure to the mountains was pretty awesome. The three of us got lost on top of a mountian somewhere in Linville Gorge while it was raining and we pretty much just ate spam the whole time. Talk about roughing it... Here are some pictures.

Linville Gorge Surf fishing at the beach
Class Days of the week Expected Grades
Calculus 3 M T W H A-
African Literature T H A-
Chemistry 101 M W F A-
E 101 M A
Chemistry 102 W A+
Econ 205, 205L M W H A-

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