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My name is Laura Mahon and I am a first year student. I am currently in the engineering first year programme, my intended major is Chemical Engineering. This major interests me because I enjoy chemistry and want to work on applying it to daily life. If i do not get into that major I would consider moving to mechanical or electrical because I enjoy working on my robotics team and those fields also interest me.

This summer I worked at a dog day care and boarding centre, my job involved monitoring groups of dogs while they played as well as cleaning, grooming and taking care of boarding dogs. The work could be pretty tedious at times when the dogs were asleep, but also very stressful when fights broke out or dogs were misbehaving. However, I was essentially getting paid to cuddle dogs of all shapes and sizes so I really can't complain. Would not recommend to anyone with a dog allergy, the dog hair was omnipotent.

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    Interesting classes
  1. Chemistry 201
  2. Chemistry 202
  3. Honours 202 Representing Animals
  4. Engineering 101
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Underwater Robotics club URC Link
Herpetology Club Herp Link