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Lucas Vazquez - 2015. I chose civil engineering because of many reasons. One of the reasons that lead me to choose this major is that I am very good at math and I also like it very much. Also, I've always wanted to know about how certain things work and how to build things that could help to make a better society. Knowledge is my passion and I am very eager to learn. I don't mind spending hours studying because I know it is for a good purpose.

Lately my favorite hobby has been to play chess. About two months ago I started playing it again, the last time I played it was like when I was 10. Then I downloaded this app on my phone so I could play and practice more. I even borrowed a book from the NCSU library that teaches how to enhance your performance in chess. It is a really amazing game that makes you think and opens your mind

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How do I make pancakes:

  1. cream 2 eggs and add 30 gr of melted butter
  2. add 2 cups of milk and put 2 cups of flour in a bowl
  3. mix everything up and cream it up
  4. heat the pan and start pouring the mix, flipping it over when you see bubbles
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