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Hello, my name is Lauren Bartek and I am a freshmen in the College of Engineering at NC State. I am currently an undecided major. I chose to be in the College of Engineering because I would like to be able to create sustainable solutions to our world's environmental problems. Additionally I enjoy mathematics and design, so engineering is a great fit. I am considering CODAing in Environmental, Textiles, or Industrial Engineering.

Currently I am an art instructor at Wine & Design in Clayton, NC. While I am on the job I lead classes of size 5-35 people, and show them how to paint a picture step-by-step. I started working at Wine & Design in July, 2016.

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Most Interesting Classes at NC State
  1. Calculus II
  2. Academic Writing and Research
  3. General Chemistry Laboratory
  4. Introduction to Engineering & Problem Solving
Club Name Link
NCSU Women's Club Lacrosse Link Here
WolfPack Environmental Student Association Link Here

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