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My name is Laura and this year I am a freshman at NC State. I am currently interested in majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I like the idea of Biomedical Engineering because I am fascinated by the body but I do think I could emotionally handle being a doctor. I also really like being innovative and creative in order to solve problems. Therefore I have decided to major in Biomedical Engineering.

My favorite hobby is horseback riding. There is really no way to explain why some people like horses and others don't, it is just something that you get involved in and can't get out. I ride all different types of horses and ride many different styles as well. However in addition to just riding, I also compete in educational contests about horses. I have been on several nation 4-H teams and so far we have been very successful winning almost every contest we have been in.

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  1. Get bread from pantry
  2. Get cheese from refrigerator
  3. Put cheese between break pieces
  4. Grill
  5. Enjoy!
Course Grade
Chemistry A
Calculus 3 B
E115 S