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About Me at School!

My major is Biological Engineering, also called BAE. I go to North Carolina State University. I am planning on graduating in May 2019.

Plans after College!

I picked BAE because it would allow me to help people, not just here but anywhere in the world. I wanted to be able to see the results of my work first-hand. After I graduate, I plan on working for a nonprofit company that helps out people who struggle to make a living. I can use my degree to develop better ways to access clean water and produce more crops.

Class Course Title Semester
BAE 200 Comp Meth Bio Engr Fall 2016
MA 242 Calculus III Fall 2016
PY 208 Physics Egr II Fall 2016
PY 209 Physics Egr II Lab Fall 2016
BAE 202 Intro to BAE Meth Spring 2017