Welcome, this my WebPage for Homework 6.

Hello, I am Luke Ford. I am currently a freshman in the first year engineering program at North Carolina State University. I came into NCSU with a Nuclear Engineering intent but I have decided to do Electrical Engineering instead. I know that I want to work for Duke Energy in some shape or form. I could work for them with any number of engineering degrees but Nuclear and Electrical would both allow me to work in areas I am passionate about. I decided to do electrical because instead of being limited to a nuclear plant I could work in many different areas of energy generation.

In my spare time I really enjoy bowling. I am currently taking to the university offered bowling class as a Health Education course. I began bowling often last semester and became pretty good. Since then I have bought my own ball and shoes and have worked on hooking the ball. I enjoy playing with all types of people, especially those who are better than I am because it gives me an opportunity to learn from them and improve my game even more. Don't get me wrong I am still very competitive and enjoy winning, but learning from more experienced bowlers is just as fun. It is something that I thoroughly enjoy and always have a good time doing.

NCSU Basketball Nuclear Energy Issue Analysis
  1. Fry two slices of bologna
  2. Toast two slices of bread
  3. Scramble two eggs
  4. Spread Mayonaise on bread
  5. Lay one slice of bologna on bread
  6. Lay a piece of cheese on that
  7. Add the scrambled eggs
  8. Add the other slice of bologna
  9. Finish with the top piece of bread
Class Expected Grade
MA 241 B
PY 200 A+
E 115 S
My Ball